Listed on this page are some of the best plot finding websites we’ve discovered. Each one works a little differently to the next but there are some key things to be aware of whichever website you decide to look through.

What to look for

We probably don’t need to tell you that location is key, but there are some other things to bear in mind.

Each plot should come with a note saying whether it has any kind of planning permission or whether it is being sold without planning permission. Even if it comes with planning permission you should check whether it is full planning permission or just outline. You can find out more about what these are on our planning permission page.

Another thing to be aware of is the type of land ownership, whether it’s freehold or leasehold. If you want to truly own your property you will need to look for freehold or you could find yourself paying ground rent and after a while you could even have a property that is decreasing in value as the lease nears its end.

Future development

This one is a bit harder as it’s difficult to predict what development might happen near or next door to your plot but it’s still worth consideration. How much other land is up for sale nearby? Is it in a growing town that might one day need a new supermarket?

On to the websites

The listed below contains the best websites to begin your search. If you find others that you think we should let people know about drop us a message and we will add it here.

Plot Browser
Plot Browser is a standalone website created by Self Build & Design magazine. Allows you to search by county and filter by plot type.

Plot Finder is another website brought to us by a magazine publisher, Home Building & Renovating magazine. On this website you can find find tens of thousands of plots from around most of the UK; including England, Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Plot Search
Build Store’s PlotSearch bills itself as the UK’s largest and most accurate database of available self-build land and renovation opportunities. Searching by county will reveal how many plots are available in that area but to get to any of the useful information you are required to register.

Government Property Finder
Perhaps of more use to medium and larger developers, the property finding service will find any land and properties that the government has put up for sale. As well as empty land you will find old hospital, doctors’ surgeries and similar buildings that are no longer required.


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