Remortgaging a self build

Once your self-built property has been built you can remortgage it like any other property.

It is possible to remortgage your house once you’ve finished the building project, if you need the extra cash or would like to find a better deal.

One thing to bear in mind, though, is that if you already have a mortgage for the build process then you’re likely to end up with an early repayment charge for coming out of it early.

You may be able to remortgage in order to switch to a standard residential mortgage once your house build is complete, as this type of mortgage might suit you much better by the time you’re all finished.

Once your build is complete, you have the option of speaking to any standard mortgage lender to find out if they can help with your remortgage, as you will be out of the niche of needing a mortgage to complete a self-build project.