10 Tips for Self Builders

1. Know what you’re getting into:

You’re actually making a good start by reading this article, it shows you have the interest and are willing to do the research necessary for this project to go ahead. There are an abundance of online resources that can help anyone out with getting to grips with the construction business, we suggest you spend a good amount of time just doing the required reading and learning before the process begins, this way you will have a deeper knowledge and understanding of how things are supposed to look, how much things are supposed to cost and how long things are supposed to take.

2. Sort out finances:

You must be prepared when starting your build, as you cant simply stop half way and get all your money back from materials bought or labour hours worked. It’s very important that you have all the financial aspects of the project in line before any work is started or any materials are bought, too many people have started a project that they are financially incapable of finishing and it just ends up in the person losing a lot of money.

3. Dream big but think realistically:

We get it, we all want a heated pool in the garden, or a giant water feature in the drive, or maybe an entirely marble kitchen. However, whilst that may be possible for some of us out there, for most it is simply out of our price ranges. Fret not though, as you can still afford a dream house that is every bit as perfect as you’d want but without the really expensive aspects that would put serious strain on your budget.

4. Let your motivation be the driving force:

Many people have different reasons for choosing to self build, but most do it because they’re yet to find their dream house on the market and are running out of patience and so decide to take matters into their own hands. This is a powerful feeling that must be used, especially in the hard miles of the project. So when things get hard, as it’s unlikely to be plain sailing the whole time, remember the motivation and let it energise you for the project right until the end.

5. Decide on a standard:

There are many different methods of building a house, however the cost difference between them all is actually surprisingly small. The real cost difference maker usually comes down to whatever materials you decide to use for the project.

6. Find out what’s below the ground:

Most of the cost will go into the build of the actual house above the ground, however knowing what’s underneath the build could save you money as if there are any issues you know of before you start the build. This way you don’t have to tear things down and start again later.

7. Get insured:

This build is an investment. You must protect your investment. Sometimes things do go wrong no matter how perfect the final image is in your head and no matter how much preparation and planning you do. That is why you must protect your interest and take out site insurance and further to that you should also get a structural warranty for the building itself.

8. Make friends with the locals:

You may well already know the area that you wish to move into pretty well, you may have only been there a few times. Either way it’s important that you speak with people who have lived in the area for years as they can help you predict any possible issues you may have with the build. What’s more they could also provide you with the contact information of their favourite local tradesmen, meaning you’re more likely to get higher quality work done on the build. 

9. Decide if you would like to take on any of the DIY:

One surefire way of cutting costs is to cut out the middleman. You have the materials and you have the plans so maybe decide to take on an aspect of the project which you would otherwise need to hire a tradesman for, if you feel confident enough in doing it. 

10. Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst:

There is no such thing as a project the size of a self build that comes without any issues. Things are going to happen that will get in the way of the project but know that every self builder ever has been in the exact same situation as you and remember your end goal. So all you can do is prepare as much as possible and be ready for anything.

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